John didn't speak at his father's funeral twenty-eight years ago. Was it because he had nothing to say? John has lots to say and he's saying it now

Growing up with a stammer was very hard for Fiona. What does she wish she was told as a 12-year-old?

Having a stammer can have a hugely negative impact on someone's life. However, John has experienced many benefits to having a stammer.

Caitlin and James talk through what stammering means, and some experiences they've faced.

Tim speaks out about getting kicked off a course because of his stammer. He fought back and got back onto the course, however he still feels the pain and embarrassment from his mentor's actions. He penned a letter to the mentor explaining how it affected him.

Fraser is 14-years-old, and after a tough start in education being bullied by teachers and schoolkids alike, he is thriving in high school! Listen to Fraser's positive words about embracing stammering, and being proud of who you are.